Eurocofema, Representações de Ferramentas Auto


Fly with your feet on the ground.




Realistic, but also daring, thus assumes Eurocofema, a solid reference in the auto equipment market.


The company was born in 1980 and in 2000 it adopted the name because today it is recognized. A name that knew how to grow successfully and overcome the ups and downs, continually respecting its customers.


Always with his feet firmly on the ground, he was able to fly, and without fear of investing and risking he bet on the direct importation of products. But I wanted to go even further. Thus, in 2007 is born its own brand of equipment, the ECF.

A brand that is distinguished by the quality of the products, subject to a very strict control. Another step of success, which has contributed to maintaining its high level of competitiveness.


For the future, the eyes are on internationalization.

And whenever possible, fly higher.